Body Worn and Portable Video Products

Thermal Monoculars & Binoculars

Range of thermal monoculars and binoculars for night vision…..

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Body Worn Cameras

Range of body worn cameras and associated accessories for law forces (Police & Gendarmerie), local Police, Public security agents (transports, prisons) or private security companies.
The different models enable to record photos as well as audio and video files to be used as evidence and their access is secured by password. 4G/3G and Wi-Fi functionnalities for live transmission are available on WCCTV Connect model.

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Tactical Flashlights

Range of outdoor flashlights which are of high brightness, long beam distance, long runtime, high waterproofness, high impact resistance and convenient operations.
Orcatorch mights adopt CREE LED, which is well known as environmentally friendly, long lifetime and durable. CREE LED has a lifespan of over 50,000 hours, with 10 times luminous efficiency as the normal LEDs.

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Portable Recorders

Range of Body Worn DVR's, useful for discreet surveillance or as recording accessory for handheld cameras.
Compact size, storage capacity, user friendly, simple and quick to install.

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  • Range of cameras and associated applications for process surveillance and power distribution
  • Thermography
  • Power line surveillance
  • etc


  • Security of goods and people
  • Sensitive site protection devices and solutions
  • Body worn solutions
  • Vehicle embedded solutions


  • Vehicle embedded cameras and recorders
  • Discreet surveillance solutions
  • Intelligent fleet management
  • Video transmission.
Vidéo surveillance

Vidéo surveillance

  • High performance solutions for integration into video surveillance networks
  • integration of latest market standards (sensors, network, VMS)
  • Rugged cameras durcies, low light, FHD, 4K
  • IR long distance solutions
  • Visible, thermal and dual solutions


  • Surveillance des équipements et des processus,
  • maintenance préventive et curative sur les installations,
  • Caméras spécifiques (endoscopiques, grande dynamique, etc)
  • Thermographie.