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Gamme de solutions d'éclairages standards ou personalisées, pour un usage sous-marin ou en surface, du produit le plus portable à l'installation la plus puissante. Des produits indispensables dans de nombreux champs d'application : naval, sûreté,  maintenance, sécurité, opérations secrètes, opérations légales...

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Caméras cartes

Compact IP cameras 

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Autofocus (AF) Colour Block Cameras

The camera is a key device of the optronic chain as it acts as the electronic eye of your system, the appropriate selection will influence on the overall performance of your solution.
We have selected the autofocus camera zoom modules of that market that integrate the latest technologies which should enable to answer to your toughest requirements.
From SD resolution up to 4K, whatever is your application, you should certainly find the module that fits you the best.

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Low light cameras

The low-light cameras are suitable for various applications such as discreet video surveilllance, Short, mid and long range day/night observation, recognition and intelligence or sensitive site protection.
The selected products have been designed for these high-end applications where high resolution colour images are required in the lowest light conditions. You will have the choice of different technologies, SCMOS, EMCCD or even CCD providing 30fps colour images at 0.005 lux.

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Thermal Camera Modules

For your applications which require to use the infrared technology, we propose a selection of uncooled thermal cores (8µm-12µm spectral range), reliable and built to the highest quality and performance, compact and low light, QVGA or VGA resolution (17µm or 25 µm pitch) and with the best value for money.
These thermal modules can be supplied with or without optic (large choice of optic is available).

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Visible and Thermal Optics

The choice of the right optic is as crucial as for the camera in the optronic chain. A non adapted optic will have an impact on the global performance of your solution.
We have selected for you high quality optics to match your most extreme requirements.
Whatever is your application, visible or infrared, you should certainly find out the optic that fits in it.
You need a specific optic ? please feel free to contact us.

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Electronic Interfaces

Various electronic interfaces are available on the market, however most of them might not be directly "plug & Play" and would require some tuning to work with your selected zoom modules.
In order to facilitate the integration of the modules into your system, we have selected the most adapted interfaces.
From standard resolution up to 4K, what ever is your application, you will certainly find the appropriate electronic interface for the modules we propose.
Customization on demand: please feel free to contact us.

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  • Range of cameras and associated applications for process surveillance and power distribution
  • Thermography
  • Power line surveillance
  • etc


  • Security of goods and people
  • Sensitive site protection devices and solutions
  • Body worn solutions
  • Vehicle embedded solutions


  • Vehicle embedded cameras and recorders
  • Discreet surveillance solutions
  • Intelligent fleet management
  • Video transmission.
Vidéo surveillance

Vidéo surveillance

  • High performance solutions for integration into video surveillance networks
  • integration of latest market standards (sensors, network, VMS)
  • Rugged cameras durcies, low light, FHD, 4K
  • IR long distance solutions
  • Visible, thermal and dual solutions


  • Surveillance des équipements et des processus,
  • maintenance préventive et curative sur les installations,
  • Caméras spécifiques (endoscopiques, grande dynamique, etc)
  • Thermographie.